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It’s July and the country is firmly in summer festival territory!  Did you know that research commissioned by tech company Withings (now owned by Nokia) revealed that the average festival goer burns 9,000 calories and walks nearly 15 miles over a festival weekend? Great news for your fitness if you’re off to a festival this summer (as long as you don’t overindulge in food and drink of course)!

If you’re looking further than a festival to provide your fitness fix then our next Facebook Live will take place on 10 July at 6pm and is all about Suspension Training – which has a unique history. Join our PT David who will show you how to get the most out of Suspension Training.

National Parks Week commences on 24th July and celebrates all fifteen national parks up and down the country.  In our blog celebrating National Parks week we explore several reasons why you should get your walking boots out and take to the country!

Tempted to reach for the crisps or chocolate as you head home post-workout?  If so, check out our blog on post-session snacking which has some lovely ideas including Eggs, Pitta and berries and yoghurt!

Finally, we’re extremely proud to announce that we have just won the Active Award For Healthy Partnerships in the UK Active Flame Awards.  The award recognises a partnership which promotes and delivers a healthy outcome based initiative and the award is judged on the extent to which a programme, product or initiative delivers a health based goal and has a demonstrable impact/outcome, for the NHS, local authority or direct to consumers.  Needless to say this is what we’re all about here at Active Nation and we’re absolutely thrilled to have won!

Enjoy the month of July and we’ll be updating you again in our August Locker!

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