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January is finally over and if, like many of us, your resolutions are mere distant memories, don’t get down on yourself – you have a second chance! Lent is coming up and in our “Smoking: Break the Habit” blog we delve into the psychology behind breaking and forming new habits. Whether you smoke or not, give this Locker a read and you might learn something about how to overcome your own bad habits!

Following on from our theme of breaking bad habits, this month’s “Small Changes Make a Big Difference” Locker looks at how to form easy new fitness habits that work with your personal lifestyle, and which will add up to make a big difference to your health.

February is full of opportunities to celebrate the things you love; not only is Valentine’s Day around the corner, but Pancake Day and National Pizza Day are here too! So, check out our healthy recipes for home-made pizzas and pancakes and you can feast on your February favourites guilt free!

This month our Local Hero is the inspirational triathlon champion Erica Booth. Alongside being a parent and working a full-time job at Barnardo’s Charity, Erica began training in running, cycling and swimming in her adulthood. Within just six months of starting out, Erica won her first triathlon, gained a podium result in every race, and won a Silver and Bronze Medal in her first European triathlons – just to name a few achievements!

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