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Active Nation are getting excited for the Tour de Yorkshire this month – look out for our training videos, coming soon, to help improve your cycling and give you legs like Bradley Wiggins!

Before any work-out or race, you need to fuel yourself with a good breakfast. Give our “Best Breakfasts” blog a read for inspiration on the healthiest and tastiest ways to start your day.

May 1st is World Asthma Day, which aims to raise awareness and improve care for asthmatics worldwide. Did you know that plenty of top athletes have asthma, including Paula Radcliffe, Bradley Wiggins and David Beckham? So, don’t let asthma stop you from accessing an active lifestyle – give this blog a read for tips on the best exercises to help asthma symptoms.

And last, but never least, this month’s Local Hero is Hannah Saint from Southampton. As a young mother of a 5 year old daughter, Hannah, aged 31, has proven that when you are commited to achieving your goals you really can make your dreams a reality.

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#DidYouKnow: Regular cycling improves heart health, increases lung circulation, and reduces your risk of cardiovasc…