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Active Nation are excited to be watching the 2018 Commonwealth Games this month and so we’re dedicating a Locker blog to one of the core sports in the games; athletics! The running, jumping and throwing events require incredible speed, power and strength. So, give this blog a read and get motivated to move!

All that running and jumping might take its toll on your joints, so be sure to take a look at our “Be Kind to Your Knees” blog to find out what exercise and foods are best to keep your joints in good health!

Our Local Hero this month is the incredible Carol Bradwell, from Southampton. Taking up running after a doctor’s recommendation, Carol discovered a new passion and has since become a coach, a marathon runner and a Park Lives coordinator! She is an inspiring example of how anyone, no matter their age or ability, can find a way to get active that suits their lifestyle.

And finally, we have an important announcement regarding new swimwear guidelines for all Active Nation swimming venues. Read this blog to find out the full details of our new Speedo initiative.

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