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Happy New Year from the Active Nation team! We hope you are all feeling revitalised after the Christmas break, and ready to face 2018. If you don’t have a resolution lined up, check out our “New Year, New Exercise” blog. We think the “New Year, New Me” mantra is a bit unrealistic, but trying out a new exercise is definitely something we would recommend!

After reading our amazing Local Hero’s story this month, Matthew might just motivate you to dip your toe into some diving this New Year! Matthew has accomplished incredible sporting achievements with our Southampton Divability programme, and is an inspiration to us all at Active Nation.

If, like us, you have indulged in some serious festive feasting over Christmas, you may be craving healthy ways to get your vitamins this month. Read our “The Truth Behind Juice Cleanses” blog to learn why it’s important to combine juices with a balanced, varied diet and find some delicious recipes.

And finally, during these long winter nights it’s essential that you get a good night’s sleep. Learn more about how to improve your quality of sleep by giving our “Top Tips for Deep Slumber” blog a read!

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