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Editors notes

New Year is the time that many of us resolve to adopt a healthy lifestyle. The key is to make sure that you aim for something realistic and sustainable, so that you don’t give up on the first rainy day, or at the prospect of sweets and biscuits!

This month we look at how much exercise you should be doing, and what kind. With all the advice that is out there, we try to give you a few simple guidelines so that you can design a fitness plan that really works for you. It’s always hard to get moving when the days are short and dark, but some people really struggle with Seasonal Affected Disorder – find out more. After the excess of Christmas food and treats, we look at getting back to a sensible diet with lots of fruit and veg. We also take a look at tea and why you should be choosing a mug of tea, rather than a glass of wine!

Happy and Healthy New Year!

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There is plenty of research showing that drinking tea can improve your health. via…